Community Partners

Selam Debs

Creator of “The Anti-Black Racism Course with Selam Debs”

The Antiracism course is designed for you to develop a critical thinking lens towards equity, belonging and transformation. They provide Anti- black racism guides, workshops, and courses to help individuals:


  • Learn to have uncomfortable conversations about racism.
  • Address their own unconscious bias.
  • Learn about tokenism, white privilege, white fragility and white supremacy.
  • Empower youth and yourself to have a strong anti-racism lens to stand up for dismantling systemic racism.

To my Black and Brown Sisters and Brothers, Daughters and Sons and non-binary family, I dedicate my work to you. I created my Antiracism Course with one purpose in mind – To create an equitable world for us, for our families. I live and breathe the hope of community where we are seen, heard, savoured, nourished and uplifted.

To my white allies and accomplices, I honour your willingness and readiness to unlearn, unravel, and dismantle systems of privilege from which you benefit, but which leave so many of us, disenfranchised and fighting to thrive. I created my Antiracism Course for you – to re-learn the histories of our Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Colour that were erased from our education systems. I am grateful to be walking on this journey with you.

Parents of Black Children

Parents of Black Children engage with parents to help them navigate the school system. They empower parents, so that they have the tools needed to engage with the school system.

The mission of Parents of Black Children is a commitment to advocating and ensuring that all school boards meet the educational, emotional safety, wellbeing and physical needs of Black students, by providing them with equitable opportunities to pursue their education in an environment free from oppression and anti-Black racism in all its manifestations.


The vision of Parents of Black Children is to effectively engage education leaders, to create an equitable and peaceful educational experience, free from oppression and anti-Black racism for students of African Canadian descent